Sunday, October 9, 2011

Punker Doodles

I know, I know..... I have been so bad about blogging... Adisyn AKA Punkerdoodles, is keeping me super busy these days. She is now 14 months and she is walking/running, talking, and keeping me on my toes. We are having so much fun!!! I would rather play with her than be on here blogging and when she is asleep I usually have a million things to do around the house or I take a nap myself cause I am exhausted. She is a little talker, her words include puppy, baby, mommy, daddy, PaPa, Cookie (for cookie monster, her favorite), Hi ( which is a favorite word, she says it over and over and to just about anyone), Ball, and Thank you. She understands so much too. If you say do you want to take a nap or night night. She walks to the stairs and is ready. She grabs a diaper when she needs it changed. She walks to her high chair when she is ready to eat. In the last 2 months she has started understanding so much, it just amazes me. She is miss independent she wants to walk all by herself put her own bow in her hair and so on.. She thinks she is BIG STUFF... She is a pretty good eater. Likes most vegetables and fruit she can feed herself with a spoon or fork but of course a lot of it goes everywhere but her mouth. Duke gained 5 lbs in the last 6 months, hummm wonder why... maybe because he is constantly sitting under her high chair..HaHa!! He is so good with her. I am so thankful for that! We are all doing good. Besides Adisyn, I am working 5 days a week for 2 different dentist still, and Moe is working 5 days a week, has Fridays and Saturdays off, works Sun. through Thurs and going to school 1 night a week. He will be finished with his Bachelors next fall.YAY!!!! So proud of him. Life is good and our baby girl definitely makes us smile daily! We are so lucky!! Hope everyone has a great Fall and I will probably post again after Halloween! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!

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